28 November 2013


Hello everyone!

Living in Kenya means that I sometimes have to use rather old recorded materials... from audio tapes...

I know...

However, I am in the process of turning all my audio tapes into mp3 files.

Here's how to do it:
Step 1 - Simply dowload Audacity for free onto your computer, along with Lame, which is also free.
Step 2 - Connect your tape player to your computer, check the settings and have a few goes to make sure you get the best recording quality possible, and press record.


All you then need to do is trim the audio if you need to, go to file and choose 'Export'. The file will be saved as an mp3 file!

This can be a very tedious job, but it's worth it. You can of course record the whole side of a tape in one big file and then trim it into individual recordings, which makes it a lot easier.

The programme can also be used to record pupils, if you don't have digital recorders.

Have a great day!

16 November 2013

*FREEBIE*: 'Mon Prof Dit' Bookmarks

Hi all,

I have just added a new freebie on my TpT store!

They are bookmarks for your pupils with teacher comments in French and English. There are 2 identical bookmarks per page. Simply cut the page in half and fold each bookmark with English and French back to back, before laminating. You can then use the comments orally and/or in your pupil's books.

Click below to download from my TpT store!

Have a great weekend!

14 November 2013

Audio Lingua

Hi everyone!

I've just bumped into a website and am really excited to share it with you! It is called Audio Lingua and it has over 3000 short mp3 files in 10 different languages, of which 455 are in French!
The files are on a variety of topics (recipes, hobbies, opinion on books, films or TV, etc.). They are authentic materials recorded by native speakers only. These files can be listened to online or they can be downloaded. You can also contribute and upload your own recordings on the website. All you then need to do is create your own teaching materials to go alongside these audio recordings.

Have a great weekend!

10 November 2013

Pronunciation tip: CaReFuL!!!

Hi everyone!

How many times have you had to remind your pupils that 's' is silent at the end of a word in French???
So here's a pronunciation tip some of you may already know:

The only consonants which can be pronounced at the end of a word in French are... the consonants in the word 'CAREFUL' i.e.: C, R, F, and L. I found this rule in a textbook years ago and have been using it ever since!
Have a great Sunday!

01 November 2013

A Website Full of Free Language Resources!!!

Hi all,

Are you looking for some free resources for your French lessons? Keep reading!

Find tons of worksheets and other materials on iSLCOLLECTIVE French! The beauty of this site is that all the materials are completely FREE! So have fun browsing through ;D

For lovely, colourful materials, check these two contributors: Bea1901 and Nattik. Simply click on the pictures below to view their contributions:



Have a lovely weekend!
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