24 January 2014

*FREEBIE*: Valentine Pennant

Hello everyone!
It's Friday and I have a lovely Valentine Freebie to share with you today! I really hope you love it as much as I do!

Please click on the image below to download my Free Valentine Pennant to decorate your classroom. Aren't these 'love monsters' cute?

Have a great weekend!


Hi everyone,

I've just found this amazing App called iDOCEO. It does everything a teacher wants... in one App! Seating plan, grade book, reports, diary, planner and bulletin board creator! At $6.99, it is not the cheapest App, but it definitely seems worth it!

Click on the image below to find out more:


Have a great day!

23 January 2014

Film titles and Wikipedia

Hello everyone!

J'aime 'Amis' (I love 'Friends'), J'adore 'Congelé' (I love 'Frozen')...

Translating titles is quite a challenging task for pupils, particularly when some titles are translated, some aren't, and some are completely changed to suit the language!!!

But I have the solution! Wikipedia for once can be a reliable source and gives the correct film titles in France (or anywhere!).

Pupils simply go on Wikipedia, enter the name of the film in English (for example: Frozen), then 'français' from the left sidebar and TA DA!

Have fun searching for different film titles with your pupils! You can also give them a list of French film titles and ask them to guess which films they are!

17 January 2014

*FREEBIE*: French Tips & Freebies e-Book

Hello everyone!

I have recently taken part in creating the 1st French e-Book on TpT and am delighted to let you know that it is available for FREE!!! This fabulous winter resource has almost reached 4,000 downloads and has made it into the top 100 resources this month! Can you tell how hard it is to contain our excitement right now?!

We've worked hard to meet the high standard of other similar publications on the site and I think we have done a good job... for a first attempt! There are 21 contributors and the resources are quite varied so there should be something for everyone. 

It was such a success that we're already thinking of renewing the experience and publish a Back-to-School eBook in the summer, so watch the space!

Grab the e-Book by clicking on the image below.

By the way, doesn't the cover look amazing? That's the creative work of Profs et Soeurs, the brain behind this project!

Grab my contribution by clicking on the image below:

I really hope you and your pupils enjoy the activities we've put together!

09 January 2014

Ma France - French Video Course for Post Beginners

Hello everyone,
First of all:
Happy New Year!
I've just come across an online 24-unit video course designed by the BBC and called Ma France. Each unit includes 3 videos on a chosen topic such as directions, hotel requests, eating out, football, etc. In each unit, the first video (A) concentrates on introducing topic-related vocabulary and grammar, the second video (B) focuses on a cultural aspect and in the third video (C), the interviewees are given a challenge! All videos are shot in France, with native speakers.
Pupils can watch the videos with or without subtitles and subtitles are available in French and/or in English. If you have a fast connection, I recommend that you choose the interactive flash version.
Now this is what it looks like:




For each unit, teachers can also download suggested activities which give additional guidance on how best to use the videos in the classroom.
Hope you find this resource useful!
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