18 May 2014


Hi all,
Today, I am sharing my way of encouraging pupils to speak French in the classroom! Just click on the image below to download this freebie:

These adorable punch cards are great fun and really motivate pupils to speak the language. As pupils get more confident, I start becoming more demanding of them and only punch a pupil's card if they've said an entire sentence...
When pupils have their entire card punched, they can trade it for a prize. I got a whole bag of mini Eiffel Tower keyrings for free when I took the pupils on a trip to Paris and the children absolutely LOVE them! Stickers or any other incentives will work great too :)
I hope you have fun using these with your own pupils!
Have a great week!

05 May 2014

Animated Handwriting Generator

Create Yours @ NackVision
How cool is this?! Thanks to Dom's MFL Page for his great posts!

Décrire un animal with lino

I found this cute lino entitled Décrire un animal. Pupils can use these descriptions as models for their own lino on pets or try to correct the mistakes!

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