02 June 2015

Currently June

Today, I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade to share with you my currently for this month:

Kenya has been miserable and wet the past few weeks so hot cocoa, marshmallows & a nice fire are on the agenda in times like this!

GOSH that took some time!!! Now I can look forward to the 100 report cards I have to write!!! I can't wait til this is all behind me and I can just enjoy the last 4 weeks of school... sigh for now!

Our aim when coming to Kenya was to get a chance to travel and discover new places. Bringing up our children in a multicultural environment has always been important to us and we feel so lucky that we get to carry on our adventure! We will be moving from Kenya... in less than 5 weeks! Where did the time go?!
We've accumulated so much over the last 5 years, there's a lot of sorting that needs to be done before the packing begins... Wish me luck!!!

Honestly: THIS.IS.A.NEED! I am totally addicted to navy and my 4 year-old navy blazer is falling to pieces!!! Clothes are so expensive here and the choice is so limited that I have to wait another month until I get a new one while I'm in France :{
Summer lovin:
Before coming to Kenya, I used to take smooth roads, signs and lamp posts for granted. Now that I've discovered potholes and driving in complete darkness, trying to avoid bikes with no lights, sheep and sometimes even zebras(!), travelling on the smooth French motorway is a real treat!

I only get to shop for clothes twice a year (when I go to France, although that's about to change after we move!) so the Summer sales are an event not to be missed!

I'm also really looking forward to seeing my friends & family before we land in our new country in August!
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  1. Wow! Your life sounds exciting! I just sent my daughter off to Venice this morning. She will be going to France, Italy, and Rome. When she was reading about all her travels she asked what a motorway was. Reading that word in your blog, it makes perfect sense now! I just texted her! Good luck in your move!
    Heidi Neels
    Flipping for First

    1. Haha! That made me laugh, I'm glad I could help :) Your daughter's trip sounds amazing, I really hope she has a great time in Europe! We celebrated our 10th anniversary in Venice and I have such wonderful memories. I'd love to go back to Italy and visit another part of the country.
      Thanks for making me smile :)

  2. Sounds like an interesting life. Kenya and then Abu Dhabi? Do you have a job lined up there as well? Hope the next four weeks are smooth sailing before you move to your new country.

    1. Yes Jacqui, we both got jobs and are really excited! I can't even begin to imagine what a change this is going to be, but we're looking forward a new experience :)

  3. Your life sounds like a dream!! Enjoy Abu Dhabi!! We were planning on moving to Dubai a little while back an even had job offers but it just didn't work out - we absolutely love the place but due to not being married etc it was just too hard work!! I hope you love it there - i'm sure you will!! Hope everything goes well for you before your move!

    1. Such a shame you couldn't move to Dubai if that was your wish, but I hope you're happy where you are :) We've actually never even been to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, but then again we had never visited Kenya before living here either!!! Thank you so much for your kind encouragements :)


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