07 January 2015

Mini Winter Makeover & Classroom Theme by Lucy S.

Going back to work has been such a shock to the system!!! After finishing work at 9.15pm last night, I am most definitely enjoying today's half day :)

Over the holidays, I entered Michelle Dupuis' Birthday Giveaway and...

I won the French Bundle!!! Living in Kenya means that we can only order hard goods once a year, due to expensive shipping, so digital resources are incredibly useful! It was a real treat to receive all these new resources to use in the new year!!!

Part of the bundle was a Winner's Choice from Here's an Idea by Lucy S. and this is what I picked:

Click on the image below to view Lucy's Bold Stripes Classroom Theme :)

Lucy S is a perfectionist and all her resources are accurate, professional and always beautifully presented. You're bound to find something you love! But I'd been looking at her exquisite French Classroom Themes for a while so I knew exactly what I wanted from her store as soon as I found out I'd won! Her Bold Stripes theme is perfect for me as I teach classes of various ages. I teamed this theme with Amanda's gorgeous clipart to give my room a winter feel and the colors work really well together! Here are a few (not so professional!) photos:

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Wow, seeing my classroom theme come to life through your pictures makes me happy beyond words!
    Hope your students enjoy it!
    Merci beaucoup!

    - Lucy

    1. I love it so much and the kids too! The alphabet circles brightened up my display in an instant! Well done again for your fabulous work Lucy, it's saved me a lot of time making these myself and they're perfect :)


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