03 November 2014

Classroom Tour!

On my earlier post, I mentioned that I was going to write a separate post about my classroom and, I know, it's a bit late for a classroom tour, but I never get tired of checking out other people's rooms, do you?!

Last year, I managed to persuade my school to build two brand new French classrooms & was allowed to choose all the furniture :) I actually designed my new desk & furniture along the back wall on the computer! As I moved in half way through the year, I didn't really have much in the room at first & didn't have time to make it my own either, so I spent some of the Summer holidays creating new displays and getting it ready for the new year... 

This is what my old classroom looked like:

And this is my new classroom:

I love my magazine shelf. Children enjoy flicking through the magazines & books I display and will notice straight away when I change the magazines and add new ones! Needless to say that, when the new magazine came with a Hunger Games cover, the children all got attracted to the back of the classroom like magnets!

I found the lovely labels on TpT. They're from Chalk & Apples. I'm such a font addict, I looked for the font until I found it! If you like this font, I got it from Kevin & Amanda's website and it's called Baby Boston :) As you can see, I adapted the original labels and made them a lot bigger... I like to be able to read all my labels from the front of the classroom!

The bright circles above my whiteboards are from my colourful Language Classroom Flashcards set. Click on the image below to find this set on my TpT store:

Close Ups:

My listening centre & writing displays

The hexagonal tables make it really easy to organise group activities & I always include my listening centre when I want my classes to work in groups. I usually have speaking, reading & simple writing activities going on and the 5th table plays a game on my iPad. I have to admit that I already had the headphones in my old classroom, but they stayed in the cupboard for months, unused, simply because I had no room and no sockets to create a listening centre... 

I love my Big 5 display and, if you like it too, you can grab it for FREE by clicking on the image below!

In the French exams my students sit, they need to be able to use present, past, future, opinions & justifications. So I came up with the Big 5 idea one lesson as I was trying to find a catchy way for my kids to remember the 5 elements. They loved the Big 5 idea and, when I saw the animal print papers from Prettygrafik, I just couldn't resist ;)

The 'words to include in my writing' pencil display was hugely inspired by the very popular freebie called 'What do Writers Write?' from The Teacher Wife. I adapted it and, as I didn't have a pencil clip art, I actually drew this one myself :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Your classroom looks great! And you're right: it's never too late to check out other teachers' classrooms :)


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