06 November 2014

MYLO: A New Way to Learn Languages?

I am linking with the Teaching Trio for their Technology Thursday linky to share a FREE website to learn French, Spanish, German or Chinese.
This site is called MYLO and, although it is based on the British curriculum (the site was developed for UK's Department of Education), it is suitable for any young language learner. Tasks & activities are levelled from 1 being the easiest to 8 being the most challenging. The characters are cute geometric shapes:
The site has 2 main sections: I need the basics, which introduces vocabulary and provides plenty of practice, and I'd like a challenge, which gives children a fun project to work through such as designing a Football Kit or putting together a look for Paris Fashion Week :)
How it can be improved: I think it is a shame that the site does not provide any authentic materials apart from the audios. Although the graphics are cute, the characters could have been placed into more authentic looking settings... This said, I really like the I'd like a challenge section, which puts the language children have learnt into context.

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    1. Naima- I love your blog design! I found you through Teaching Trio and Tech Thursday! Keep up the good work!

    2. Thanks Sarah for your lovely comment :)


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