27 October 2014


Last week, I found out about a really cool App called Plickers through Luv My Kinders and it is amazing! You first need to register on their website, and print and laminate a set of cards. There are various packs to choose from and the cards look like this:

You then create your classes, allocate a card number for each child, type your multiple choice or true-false questions and you're away!

Each side of the shape on a card is labelled A, B, C or D. As you ask your question, pupils hold the shape so that the letter they have selected is at the top of the shape. You then scan the room with your iPad and it will instantly pick up the pupils' answers! How cool is this?!

You can see straight away how many children got the correct answer and the names of the pupils will show up in green or red accordingly.

What could be improved: at the moment, you cannot view an individual child's data, making it quite hard to evaluate a child's progress. However, this is a feature they are likely to add very soon due to the number of teachers asking for it! If you too think this would be a great feature, please vote on their forum here.

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