26 October 2014

Sunday Scoop!

Dear readers,
I am linking up again with the Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop. So let's take a peek at my week:

Have to do:
q Need I say more?!

q Last Friday, we noticed that our chest freezer accidently switched off as the plug  slightly pulled out of its socket. It had already started to thaw so EVERYTHING had to be taken out to be cooked immediately!!! Yes, all 10 kilos of meat!!! Needless to say that I have been cooking all weekend, on top of marking & grading my pupils' exams. Luckily, I LOVE cooking and it made a pretty good excuse to emerge from my pile of exam papers every now and then!

q Tomorrow, I have to go to attend our yearly French curriculum meeting for international schools in Kenya. I am not looking forward to the 6 hour journey on bumpy roads, but I love to spend time with other teachers and share ideas :)
Hope to do:
q The weather has been beautiful this weekend so we enjoyed a very nice Sunday lunch in the garden:)
 Who's eating the cherry tomatoes??!
With all the cooking I have been doing, we now have lots of yummy food waiting to be eaten :) so I'm hoping that we'll make the most of our second weekend off and enjoy another lunch al fresco!

q I want to add 'Pin it' and 'Scroll to the top' buttons to my blog so I'm hoping to do that this week. I have saved a few tutorials and just need to find some time to tick these items off my blog's to-do list!
Happy to do:
A couple of months ago, I left my computer cable plugged in overnight and the charger overheated... As I live in a remote part of Kenya, I haven't been able to buy a replacement, but one of my colleague's come to the rescue and is coming back tonight with my new cable!!! I can't wait to start using all the clip arts I have been purchasing and get a new TpT product done in the next few weeks :)

Thanks for reading! Visit the Teaching Trio to see what other bloggers are up to this week (click on the image below!)


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  1. I am like you, I am needing to add a few buttons to my blog. Looks like you have a lot to do. I know how you feel with the laptop reunion. I have to get a new charger because of the fact that my charger got short-circuited.
    Jasmine H.
    The Dots of Teaching


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