19 October 2014


I am really excited to join my first linky party! I am linking up with the Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop

Have to do:
I've just had a week's break so I had to clear my desk before starting work tomorrow. Done! Phew ;)

q My Year 8 / Grade 7 pupils will be doing exams at the start of the week, so I guess I'll be marking & grading from Wednesday onwards :(

q I have read a lot of scoops and noticed that laundry is top of the to-do list. Well it's time for a little confession... One of the luxuries of working in Kenya is that I get a full-time house help AND a gardener so I can take no credit for having a very clean house & a beautiful garden ;).

Jokes apart, sitting in the sun is really a 'have to do' as, whilst most of my colleagues have enjoyed a week at the coast perfecting their tan, I have been sitting at my computer pulling my hair out trying to give my blog a little makeover, so I am going to look rather pale in the staff room tomorrow :/

Hope to do:
q I have just created a Facebook page for my blog and I am hoping to create a cover page and profile picture for it.

q I am not very good at keeping up with a schedule so I'm just trying to give myself a SMART target by hoping to post at least twice this week!    

Happy to do:
q Although this means I will have a lot of work at the end of the week, I shall enjoy those extra free periods I'll have whilst my Year 8 / Grade 7 pupils are sitting their exams!

Thanks for reading! Visit the Teaching Trio to see what other bloggers are up to this week (click on the image below!)


  1. I love testing time too! My kids are busy, but I get a few quiet moments to get things done :)

  2. Hope you enjoyed some time in the sun!
    -Lovely Nina

  3. Spending time in the sun? I'm jealous! Enjoy your time well spent outdoors. ;)
    Literacy Loving Gals


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