01 October 2014

Newly Updated Classroom Language Flashcards / Posters

Hi everyone!

I have been busy updating my set of 19 Classroom Language Flashcards / Posters lately. I really like the new, more colorful design and hope you'll like it too! Take a peek:


These posters are a simple yet effective way of getting pupils to speak the language in the classroom. Combined with my *FREE* Speaking Punch Cards, they encourage pupils to not only use French when they're completing an exercise, but to use it more spontaneously in the lesson. Once their entire card is punched, pupils receive a small prize (any form of incentive works!).

I find that this reward system particularly motivates the ones who don't necessarily get the highest grades in the class and it is their way of having a real sense of achievement. Boys really love any form of oral work and you'll be amazed at how enthusiastic they become about speaking French all the time!

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