19 October 2014

Make Dice App & a *FREEBIE*!

Dear readers,
Today, I want to talk about an App which I LOVE: Make Dice. Make Dice is a great App to use in the language classroom for vocabulary or grammar practice. The free version enables you to create dice with words, whilst the full version ($2.99) will also allow you to create dice with pictures, which is great for reviewing topic-based vocabulary. I love using the App with verbs and tenses, but the choices are endless!

I love that you can customise the dice so that they perfectly match what you want to teach your pupils. Another advantage is that you can differentiate by making your dice more or less complex depending on your pupils' ability, something you cannot do by purchasing ready-made packs of language dice. It is also a cheaper alternative!

What could be improved: the App is ULTRA sensitive and even the tiniest movement of a child writing on the table will make the dice 'roll', making it quite frustrating at times! Therefore, you ideally want to use this App as a 1:1 activity.

Now for the FREEBIE!
Click on the image below to download ;)


This is a worksheet I created for pupils to practise irregular verbs in all 3 tenses using the App. The pupils were given 3 dice with:
  • Subject pronouns
  • Irregular Verbs
  • Past, present & future (repeated so that you have 6 sides!)

However, I am sharing the editable ppt file so you can adapt it how you like!

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