30 October 2014

Tech Thursday: Keep Your Desktop Organised!

Dear readers,
Today I am linking again with the Teaching Trio for their weekly Technology Thursday linky.

I am addicted to wallpaper organisers and am always looking out for pretty, feminine ones ;). A few months ago, I found this beautiful wallpaper organiser on the My Little Paris website, and I had to share it with you:

Click on the images to download :)

It is in French, but you can easily change the headers on any photo editor. For the font addicts out there, the font used is AMATIC and you can download it here :)

I also love this wallpaper for when I'm on holiday... or for those days when I wish I was on holiday ;)


Guess which wallpaper I am using right now?!
Feel free to comment below if you have found other wallpaper organisers you love :)

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out other bloggers' tech tips by clicking on the button below:


  1. I think I saw this in Pinterest this summer:) I created my own organizer for my computer at work, and now it looks like I need to create one for my home computer (I'm too embarrassed to even let people look at my personal computer;) Thanks for sharing this tip!
    Technology Timeout

  2. What a great idea!! My computer desktop is filled with icons. I really need to organize it. Thanks for sharing. I will be using this in the very near future.


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